Our House

ImageMy house by no means is anything fancy, it’s actually a 1930’s house that has a few additions prior to us purchasing it. I loved the house because it had character and didn’t look like what every other house looked like that you get with the new build houses. My house is 2200 square feet, which seems awfully big now for my family of 5. We have a sitting room, living room, dining room and eat in kitchen with 2.5 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms. We pretty much only use 1.5 bathrooms, the bedrooms and living room and kitchen. I have our home listed for sale and would love to have a smaller 4 bedroom home with about 1.5 bathrooms. I don’t need a formal dining room or a sitting room.

I would however love for my children to have their own spaces/sanctuary and also a bathroom to bathe in but also a half to use for guest or just in case. Our house has been listed for over 6 months and I know in this market it probably is impossible to get a house moving quickly but I have hope that I will find a house that we love. My husband wants bigger but in my mind, bigger isn’t better. I just want to be happy… happy not cleaning especially rooms we don’t even use, happy that we have a smaller house with smaller bills and less working hours so more hours with my hubby.

I also realize that by having all these extra rooms we have it in our heads to fill these rooms with furniture and unnecessary items. I don’t want to continue with that way of living, it’s not living when your home consumes you too! You want to relax and enjoy your family.


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