OOTD: Feeling Floral

OOTD: Feeling Floral

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I finally downgraded to a dumbphone. That means something that isn’t a smartphone. I googled lots of opinions prior to actually making the jump. I purchased my phone via amazon for $40.00 that alone made me happy because an iPhone is about $200.00 IF you renew your contract for 2 years or $650-ish if you don’t and just buy it out. I also saved myself about $40 off the bill due to no more data and other crap you need with an iPhone. I got a basic texting phone with a QWARTY keyboard and it can go on the internet if I NEED it too but it is no where near as advanced as an iPhone so I never really do go on the internet because it’s too much of a hassle and it defeats the whole purpose of me downgrading.

On day 1 I was going nuts because I couldn’t text anyone since I had to delete my Apple ID and all this other junk. So, no texting for one day and I was going nuts. But the next day I saved my contacts that I actually care about and not that Facebook randomly synced with my contacts… I have 40 people I actually care about. I also didn’t care if I left my phone on the counter and I actually watched a movie and did important things without checking my phone every 5 seconds because I didn’t have an app for that.

The only con I would say is the Camera. I LOVE taking photos of my children and the convenience of the cell phone one was handy. Looks like I will have to invest in a good digital camera and hopefully start printing them out instead of Facebook sharing only.

Overall, I am happy. I don’t check my phone as often, battery life is awesome and cheaper bill. It’s a very refreshing feeling.

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Ikea Kitchen Planning

I recently discovered the ikea planning app on their website and have become obsessed. If I didn’t have so much to do elsewhere I would LOVE to get my kitchen done ASAP. It really is the heart of a home.

ImageMy husband and I both love the grey cabinets they came out with recently and I also LOVE subway tile since it is “classic” so this is basically an idea I have for our future layout. This would be the wall the sink is currently on with the fridge moved to this side and the dishwasher taken out of that awkward corner. I also adore the cabinets with glass so you can see through it and put all your pretty plain white bowls in for the world to see. I also have it set with an ikea sink that is ONE bowl and also very deep!!! Lord knows dishes pile up fast in this house.



this is the corner side, if you were turning right. I have a spot open for the dishwasher so it can be forward facing and off that angle. I also have the cabinets set at 30″ because everyone in this house is under 5’9 there is no need for all that space that we don’t use. I also love the look of crown molding that just gives it a classic touch. Anyway, I also have a spot for our microwave vent and range. I have a cooktop and wall oven now and I don’t really like it. Image

That doorway would lead to our family room. I also have it set with blue paint because a lot of my things in my home are blue and grey and brown so I want it to tie in somehow.



This is the back wall which the door on the left leads to the grey dining room (BTW these doors are not all closed I just couldn’t figure out how to do an open doorway) I plan on installing a heater in between since currently our kitchen has NO heat. The door on the right is the basement door, def needs an upgraded door though since the current one looks like it belongs in the depths of hell. OH and the flooring I want to do the tile that looks like hardwood.



I also added an island for extra counter space and cabinet space and also sitting area. I LOVE that we can hang out in here and it not be as dysfunctional as it is now. I also added a heater to this side due to the no heating fact, I added a window on this side too since we only have that one tiny window for natural light in this home. The island also features butcher block counter for that country/rustic look that we love.



This door on the far right would enter the playroom and future sitting/living room area. I also didn’t center the island due to the fact that I wanted walking space and if the kids or anyone wants to pull up a stool or extra chair and because if you’re sitting you can have the natural light to enjoy a coffee or whatnot.


I seriously can’t wait for this project and the ikea planner was so much fun to play with although a little tricky at first. To get it as close to perfect I had to revise it 17 times. This project was estimated at a great price but it also doesn’t include flooring, backsplash, countertops, hardware and appliances. 


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Learn from your mistakes…

Or you can read the fine print and save yourself the hassle.

So, since getting my binder and all that set up for some major scheduling/organizing revamp in my life I have been googling and trying to get it all set up so it fits MY needs. This has become a slight obsession. I tried printing my own inserts, which didn’t work out because I couldn’t get it to print on both sides, if anyone knows how to do this please let me know. Originally, I purchased weekly inserts but those are only like small sections to write in. Also, because of interest and other obsessed filo friends their planners convinced me that I need more then that! Then I bought filofax pages sized A5 but the holes didn’t fit my binder! I seriously gave up and just bought a filofax. I thought I could hole punch but before I went away on my whims, I measured it and it didn’t size up. But my new A5 should be coming sometime next week.



Showing a recipe I wrote down.


Showing that A5 paper from Filofax is not compatible (hole wise)

listMy grocery list for today

So now what do I do with my binder that I have now??? I figured I would make it a “Home” binder. Include recipes on that lined paper I have and also use the calendar for menu plans and family plans and also have a budget in there. Hopefully it pans out because I don’t want to waste what I purchased. Or I can gift it to my friend who I told about my new found obsession and now wants one for herself…

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If I am planning on minimizing my spending and trying to live minimally, along with being more organized and clutter free. I need to start with my inbox… yeah the Email inbox.

You don’t think that it counts for anything, but when I see “EVERYTHING 50% OFF SHOP NOW!” It makes me go to the website… check out whats on sale and see if I like anything and buy it with money I shouldn’t be spending. Not saying that I don’t want to spend money but it is a lot easier to not spend when you don’t have the temptation lurking in your inbox. If you want to spend and have the extra money, then you will go to the site and figure it out, and most likely a sale of some sort will be going on too.

Not only that but I will cure my overflowing and unnecessary emails and save my sanity.

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Creating A Monster


New planner made by me.

1. Binder from Target

2. Binder rubber band (came with 3 diff colors/patterns) from Target


This is what it looks like when you open it up (still a work in progress) I made my dividers with some special card stock (I thought was gray but is actually clearish and called Vellum Paper) and some tab divider things from post-it brand. I threw in some cute post it note pads too, because you never know when you need to write a note.


This is the monthly view which gives me room to write basics down like appts or whatever and just glance at what is going on for the month.



Here is the next divided section for the weekly section. Here is a close up of the vellum paper I used and wash taped the edges. Apparently I didn’t cut that great and wanted to hide the mess, so I tried out the washi tape to give it some pizzaz.


This is the weekly section with time slots which is nice and what I was looking for! There are SOOO many options when choosing inserts at office max… seriously I was in that section for like 30 minutes.


Next section 😕 and my attempt at non-wrinkled washi tape edges. Please don’t judge me I apparently can’t cut straight nor can I apply tape on straight.


Note paper for doodles and when boredom strikes. I also like to use this paper for writing down my monthly bills.


To do list that I plan on hole punching in if I can. My husband actually likes these better then me.


Lastly, all my supplies like cool paper clips, tabs/flags, washi tape and soon stickers and pens. I probably will take the washi tape out since it makes it hard to close. I haven’t done anything but open and store everything. More pics to come soon!

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The Home to-do List

The home to do list is growing at a fast pace sadly.

1. New front door: Old one is ancient and lets cold air through.

2. Gutters: Old ones leak and cause water to get in our basement when it rains a lot

3. Dishwasher: Old and broken since we move in.

4. Electric: We have some kooky electric going on here and also needs to update the amps

5. Heating: Currently electric in most rooms but missing heaters in bathrooms, boys room and kitchen.

6. Front porch: The fact that it’s rotting is probably enough.

7. Brick: Update mortar and fix gaping holes

Those are MUST fixes for the house. Everything I WANT to do is probably extra. I guess thats what happens when you have a house from the 1920’s-30’s.

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